Sunday Night Blues

Sunday night is upon us…..

Who else is prepping for the work week?

Getting clothes ready, lunch made, dinners prepped for the week, setting the alarm?


I feel ya!  I am working hard to retire from the corporate world in my early 40’s so that I can live my life by design….so I can travel when I want to, get up at my leisure each morning, take a two hour massage appointment mid day on a Tuesday if I choose, etc.

WHY should we work so hard for someone else to live THE GOOD LIFE?  I don’t mind hard work, but I would much rather work hard for MYSELF to live the good life!

BeachBody is giving me that opportunity!  I get paid to improve my own health, help others live healthier and play on social media!  HELLO!  YES PLEASE!  SIGN ME UP!  That is what I said just a few short months ago when I was presented with this amazing opportunity.  And now I am making extra money each month and NOT living paycheck to paycheck.  I am working out at least 5 times a week instead of 2.  I have far more energy.  This LIFE BY DESIGN has been such a blessing.  I have met lots of like-minded people and am making new, amazing friendships and I get RECOGNIZED for the people I help each month!

AND….I get to travel!  I have not traveled much in my first 40 years of life but plan to change that in the next 40!  I have not even had the opportunity to travel for work until now!  Nashville, here I come!!!!  So excited for my first BeachBody Summit – get to meet coaches in person, workout with celebrity trainers, buy workout apparel and the new CIZE dance workout and FIXATE cookbook before everyone else!  SO EXCITED for this amazing opportunity!

Despite having the Sunday Night Blues, I have much to be thankful for and look forward to!  Blessed Beyond Measure!  Thank you Jesus!

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