Magic Kingdom Virgin versus Disneyland Seasoned Veteran

Wow!  What an experience! My family has frequented Disneyland 1-2 times yearly for many years. This summer we decided to venture out and explore Disney World……

Today was Magic Kingdom for 16 hours….

Space Mountain ride lost big time to DL. Big Thunder Mountain was about the same. Winnie The Pooh won out at Magic Kingdom. Pirates of the Caribbean was closed today—yikes, say it isn’t so, that’s our all-time favorite DL ride! Jungle Cruise was about the same. It’s A Small Wolrd was comparable, but noted that MK hasn’t added in Disney characters like DL has. Love that MK still has the People Mover, Country Bear Jamboree and Carousel of Progress.

We liked that the walkways were wider at MK. We noticed there were far less churro stands, that could be good or bad….

We disliked the difficulty of getting in and out of the park!  Shuttle to Monorail and back. Missed our shuttle because of madness getting out of the park. Taxi ride was $28 each way…..Yikes!  At DL we aways stay within a mile of the park and walk!  Don’t have to worry about shuttle times and such that way!

We did get the privilege of eating at the Be Our Guest Restaurant…fun experience and not too pricey!  We feel the cast members are friendlier at DL…And we are not drenched in sweat in So Cal either!

All in all, based soley off Magic Kingdom, without experiencing the other Disney parks yet, Disneyland wins by a long slide!

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