Don’t eat these foods…

Foods I suggest nobody ever eat are soy, wheat and corn. They are the most genetically modified foods in our country. That means they are no longer grown the way they used to be grown 100 years ago. They have been modified to make less go further and further. 

Soy, even organic, causes increased estrogen in our bodies which leads to obesity and many hormonal imbalances. 

Wheat used to have just a few chromosomes, einkorn wheat is best now at 14 chromosomes with traditional wheat currently weighing in at 42 chromosomes?  Why?  Because it is so genetically modified. That is difficult for our body to digest and why so many people have now developed gluten allergies. It is also inflammatory to our systems. 

Our bodies cannot process corn.  (Ever seen the full corn kernels after pooping? 😂) Corn is also greatly modified. It had to be to create mass amounts of corn syrup.  Corn syrup is used to to take the place of sugar in the majority of our foods as a less expensive alternative to the food companies. Corn starch is also used as a filler in most processed foods. 

So if you want to take one small step toward improving your health today, eliminate wheat, corn and soy. Be sure you read the food ingredients on all the foods you buy because the food industries truly do sneak it in almost everything!