Typical Day

0645 comes early at least four days a week…….

Really early, considering I set my alarm for 0345 to get my 21 day fix extreme workout in BEFORE I head off to save lives.  I realize I must first save my own life!  I get up early, really early, not because it takes me nearly three hours to fix my hair and makeup but because I know that my busy, chaotic day will be much more manageable if I start it off right.  I wake up then pray and drink warm lemon water.  Then until 0430 I read some personal development book, like Failing Forward or You are a Badass.  At 0430 the workout of the day begins…..yoga, 21 day fix/extreme, T25, Combat….something that is about 30 minutes-that is what I have time for!  Afterward, I do a little FB time, shower, find some scrubs and heavy duty deodorant of course!  0600 is time for some Shakeology, Ningxia Red, Mindwise, and a touch of coffee to start my day……

I arrive to find night shift ready to get the heck out of dodge!  And myself ready to pee for the fifth time after all my morning liquid!  I take over anywhere from 1-4 patients and will carry that load for the next 8-12 hours.  OK, 16 hours on a RARE occasion! I don’t ever have the same 1-4 patients for that time frame though.  Patients come and go far more often than that in our department.  I barely get to know their names before they are gone and a new one fills the room.  Thats the ER life….we fix, or try to fix, whats emergent and move on…..CPR, heart attack, stroke, appendicitis, sepsis-OK those get more time and attention, of course! Need a new prescription for that narc that starts with a “d” for your chronic back pain?  Yeah, we see lots of those patients too!

Either way…ER nursing is intense, emotional, stressful, trying, busy, causes sadness, madness, jokes and more!  I know if I don’t first care for MYSELF, there is no way I can care for your scared, hurt, crying 7 year old child!  I do everything I can to be in great shape, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually before walking into that building each morning!

Medical doctor woman in the office