Soda Talk

Who loves soda?  And who is strong enough and healthy enough to forego it?

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I have had my ups and downs with it over the years.  I remember it being a treat when I was younger, then drinking it consistently as a teen.

I used to drink regular sodas…Pepsi, Coke (no I am not a die hard fan of either, I swap back and forth depending on my mood), Rootbeer (Barqs is my number one and Mug is my number two-I am not a fan of A&W) and Dr. Pepper.  My thoughts used to be, sugar is better for you than fake chemicals so I prefer regular soda over diet soda and prefer diabetes over cancer.

About 15 years ago, I switched to diet.  I decided my weight was too much of an issue to care about possibly getting diabetes or cancer and I just needed to watch my calories…..and giving up soda just wasn’t an option.

In the past 15 years, I have tried to give it up.  I have gone about nine months without a soda at one point.  One time, I even recall having a sip after a long while and disliking it.  Eventually, that feeling went away and I had another soda and was hooked.

I know that diabetes and cancer are real concerns drinking regular or diet soda.  I just can’t stop.  I have tried Zevia, sparkling flavored water, making my own sparkling water and adding rootbeer stevia and none of it measures up.  Zevia is the best soda option though.  It is made with stevia and erythritol and a lot of it does not even have caramel coloring.  If you can make the switch, I highly advise it.

For me, a nice refreshing fountain Coke Zero is amazing.  There is nothing like it.  Have you seen the commercial at the movie theater when they are pouring the soda in the cup of ice up close……ah it is so refreshing and gets me every time! Canned and bottle sodas don’t hold a torch to a good fountain soda.  Occasionally, the fountain will be over carbonated or too syrupy, but usually they are right on.  And my go-to for the past year or two is Coke Zero.

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I know I need to stop drinking soda or at least cut back.  I haven’t found the right alternative yet.  I know that cancer is a real risk consuming so many artificial chemicals and I know how terribly ugly cancer can be, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to quit just yet.  One day!

Share your soda stories with me….